Product Description

UwMic9 Kit4

UHF Wireless Lavalier Microphone System

The Saramonic UwMic9 Kit4 UHF Wireless Lavalier Microphone System provides stable, interference free audio in portable, compact and low cost package. This system is a perfect fit for DSLR videography, field recording and interviews, broadcast TV, ENG, providing dependable audio broadcasting and recording.

The system includes a camera-mountable wireless receiver, a wireless handheld type transmitter.

Receiver (x1)

The Saramonic UwMic9 RX9 is a camera-mountable integrated wireless receiver. It features a wide switching RF bandwidth, an easy-to-read LCD display and infrared synchronization between transmitter and receiver.

Equipped with an auto-scan function, the RX9 can automatically search for an available transmission frequency. The headphone jack enables real-time monitoring or the receiver via headphones, especially useful for cameras that lack a monitor output.

Transmitter (x1)

This compact transmitter UwMic9 HU9 features a compact, metallic body, an easy-to-read LCD display, a RF power switch and a PLL synthesizer. This broadcast-quality microphone will capture rich, crystal-clear sound. It has a built-in antenna, a muting function and power lock function.

UwMic9 Kit4 Wireless Lavalier Microphone System

  • Reliable, broadcast-quality audio
  • 514 MHz – 596 MHz
  • 96 selectable channels in 2 groups
  • Headphone monitoring
  • Easy-to-read LCD displays
  • Over 330-feet (100m) in open areas or 200-feet (60m) with obstacles
  • Optional body-pack and XLR transmitters for different applications


 Channels:  96
 Groups:  A or B
 Oscillator Type:  PLL Synthesizer
 Frequency Range:  514 MHz – 596 MHz
 Reference Deviation:  +/- 5 kHz (-60dBV, 1kHz input)
 Signal to Noise Ratio:  70 dB or more
 Spur Suppression:  -60 dB
 Voice Delay:  12 ms
 Antenna:  1/4λ wire antenna
Audio input connector: TX9:3.5mm mini jack
HU9: noneTX-XLR9: XLR-3-11C type (female)
Reference audio input level:  -60dBV (MIC input, 0dB attenuation)
Distortion:  0.5% or less
Weight: TX9: Approx. 211.4g (excluding batteries)

HU9: Approx. 338.2g (excluding batteries)

TX-XLR9: Approx. 138g (Excluding batteries)

Battery: Two AA size batteries
Dimensions: TX9: 170.9 x 63.5 x 30.0 mm
HU9: 254.0 x 52.0 x 52.0 mm
TX-XLR9: 105.5 x 43 x 34.7 mm
Operating temperature: 0℃ to 50℃
Storage temperature: -20℃ to +55℃


 Channels:  96
 Groups:  A or B
 Oscillator Type:  PLL Synthesizer
 Audio output connector:  3.5mm mini jack
 Antenna:  1/4λ wire antenna
 Audio output level:  -60dBV
 Headphone output level:  30mW (16Ω)
 Receiver frequencies:  514 MHz – 596 MHz
 Signal to Noise Ratio:  70 dB or more
 Voice Delay:  12 ms
 Reference Deviation:  +/- 5 kHz (-60dBV, 1kHz input)
 Frequency response:  40Hz to 18kHz (+/-3dB)
 Distortion:  0.5% or less
 Spur Suppression:  -60 dB
 Weight:  218.7g (Excluding batteries)
 Battery:  Two AA size batteries
 Dimensions:  170.9 x 63.5 x 30.0 mm
 Operating temperature:  0℃ to 50℃
 Storage temperature:  -20℃ to +55℃