Shenzhen, July 28th, 2021 — Jointly cooperated with 60 brands like Saramonic and 30 photography moguls like LIN, Cinema Tour, hosted by, came to Shenzhen, China, July 25th, 2021. Starting from 2016, Cinema Tour has been devoted itself to offering a platform to share the latest creating ideas about how to make better content and building a better bridge between final consumers and original Brand Manufacturers to communicate.

Cinema Tour in Shenzhen

Although Cinema Tour is only the sixth event, it has already enjoyed a high reputation in China’s film and television circles. The first stop of this year’s event ended successfully in Shenzhen on July 25. More than 1,000 people participated in the event. Divided into an equipment experience area and a knowledge-sharing area, Cinema Tour is devoted to offer audiences not only the most advanced creative concepts but also try the latest film and television creation equipment.

Users are trying Saramonic latest products

Saramonic, a professional sound equipment solution company, focuses on producing microphones, audio adapters, portable recorders, and headphones. Saramonic always devotes itself to offer users high-quality microphones to create content with remarkable sound. This time Saramonic brought hot selling products including Saramonic Blink500 Pro, UwMic9S, etc., allowing participants to try high-quality microphones to produce audio.

Users are trying Saramonic latest products

Cinema Tour will also be held in Nanning, Chengdu, and other cities. And Saramonic will follow the step to bring more opportunities for end-users in more regions to try to use video creation equipment including various high-quality microphones and to build the communication bridge between final consumers and original Brand Manufacturers. Devoting to promote the development of the imaging equipment industry, Sound of Saramonic is always on the road.