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The SARAMONIC SR-AX104 is a 2-channel XLR audio adapter with preamplifiers and phantom power, ideal for any DSLR cameras with a built-in microphone jack. Wide-variety of audio devices like professional condenser microphones, wireless microphones, external audio mixers, sound boards and more can be connected to the camera via this adapter.


The SR-AX104 makes your recording work much easier.Level Meter allows you to verify the proper input levels in real time, the output signal can be adjusted by the level controls for optimum recording. The phone jack lets you monitor the audio from the adapter during recording, or camera during playback. The AGC disable feature reduces noise during quiet moments of recording by stop using the cameras’ Auto Gain Control function.




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  • XLR Inputs
    Two balanced XLR inputs
  • Monitor In
    Monitor input jacks for connecting the AV cable
  • Level Meter
    Indicates the sound level in dB for each channel
  • Gain Switches
    Selects LOW for unity gain or HIGH for +20dB boost
  • Peak Switches
    Turn on/off the LED signal indicators which flash red for overload
    Turn the AGC switch to ON to active camera AGC function
    Turn the AGC switch to OFF to disable camera AGC function
  • With two sets of inputs, the SR-PAX2 accepts signals from a wide variety of mic or line level sources such as balanced XLR microphones, 3.5mm microphones, wireless microphones and external audio mixers. The 3.5mm inputs are also ideal for connecting audio devices with a 3.5mm output such as a smart phone or an MP3 player. The input levels of each channel can be easily controlled with the dual gain control knobs. A phone jack allows you to monitor the audio in real time. The SR-PAX2 makes your recording work much easier.

Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz (+/- 0.5 dB)

THD: Less than 0.01% @ 1kHz, -36dBu input

S/N Ratio: 85 dB @ 1 Khz, -30 dBu input

Phantom Power: Dual regulated 12 or 48 volt power supplies

Current to 14 mA (direct short)

Level meter: -18 to +3 dB in 3 dB increments

Dimensions: Dimensions (L x W x H) 155 mm x 98 mm x64mm

Weight: 20.9 oz (0.593 kg)