Product Description

Saramonic RC-X

Allowing you to control record, play, pause, stop, and scrub functions on your Zoom or Sony handy recorders from up to 3.3’ away, the Saramonic RC-X Remote Control can be used to prevent handling noise while recording. The remote allows you to create and scan through markers, while the built-in recording and clip indicators provide you with visual feedback. The RC-X requires no batteries fro operation, and has two detachable cables relatively fir Zoom and Sony recorders.




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  • For use with your Zoom H5, H6, H4n, H4n Pro, H2n and Sony M10, D50, D100 handy recorders.
  • Record, play, stop, pause, fast forward, rewind, and add marks from up to 3.3’ away.
  • Create and scan through markers.
  • Recording and clip indicators.
  • Ideal for preventing handling noise.
  • No batteries required.
  • Two detachable cables included.


Zoom: H5, H6, H4n, H4n Pro, H2n

Sony: M10, D50, D100