Product Description

UwMic9 SP-RX9

UHF Wireless Receiver and Two-channel Audio Mixer

The SP-RX9 is a compact two-channel wireless receiver and mixer, ideal for making videos with iOS or Android mobile devices and cameras. It can be used when paired with transmitters in UwMic9 system to capture audio. Meanwhile, it is an independent audio mixer that has three inputs available.

With built-in li-on battery, the receiver can be also powered by DC power via the USB Type-C connector. It comes with an aluminum handgrip for recording on the move, or it can be mounted on a tripod for stationary use. The standard shoe mount on the top of the receiver is suitable for attach accessories.



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  • Improves audio quality of smartphones and cameras
  • Works with up to two transmitters simultaneously
  • 3.5mm headphone jack for monitoring
  • All-metal construction

 Channel number:  96
 Channel group:  A and B
 Oscillator type:  PLL synthesize
 Audio input connector:  Two 3.5 mm mini jacks and one mini XLR jack
 Audio output connector:  One 3.5 mm mini jack and one Micro USB
 Headphone output connector:  3.5 mm mini jack
 INPUT 1 gain  20 dB
 INPUT 2 & mini XLR gain:  20 dB
 Micro USB gain:  20 dB
 INPUT 1 & INPUT 2 power:  5V power supplies
 Mini XLR jack phantom power:  48V power supplies
 Antenna:  Built-in 1/4λ wire antenna
 Audio output level:  –60 dBV
 Headphone output level:  30 mW (16 Ω)
 Carrier frequencies:  514 MHz – 596 MHzz
 Receive sensitivity:  -95 dBm
 Signal to noise ratio:  70 dB or more
 Voice delay:  12 ms
 Reference deviation:  0.5% or less
 Spur suppression:  -60 dB
 Battery:  Built-in Li-ion battery (1200 mA)
 Power:  DC 5V (USB Type-C)
 Dimensions:  100.0 × 38.6 × 259.6 mm (Including the hand grip)
 Device holder width:  66.4 mm to 84.1 mm (26.1″ to 33.1″)
 Weight:  Approx. 433 g (Including the hand grip)
 Operating temperature:  0 °C to 50 °C
 Storage temperature:  –20 °C to +55°C