SHENZHEN, April 30, 2021 — Saramonic, a professional sound equipment solution company, focusing on producing microphones, audio adapters, portable recorders and headphones, was the winner of this year’s world-renowned iF DESIGN AWARD 2021. The victorious iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 entries is: Saramonic SR-MV2000. Released on April 12th, Saramonic SR-MV2000 is a professional studio-class USB microphone.

Saramonic R&D team has been searching for designing a studio microphone with excellent performance both in design and sound. And Saramonic SR-MV2000 achieves this goal. With a high-quality condenser microphone, Saramonic SR-MV2000 delivers outstanding clarity and warmth in voice recording as usual. Detachable magnetic and Integrated 360-degree design allows users quickly and easily to adjust Saramonic SR-MV2000 angle and positioning on a desk, mic stand, or studio arm to catch the best sound quality.

Saramonic SR-MV2000 is equipped with a built-in pop filter, a cardioid pickup pattern, a multi-color LED indicator, and Real-time monitoring, which enables users to directly monitor and make audio sound remarkable. What’s more, compatible with multiple devices, one Saramonic SR-MV2000 can satisfy all users’ needs. No matter for general use like handles podcasts, video calls, or performance from home, Saramonic SR-MV2000 performs equally well.

SR-MV2000 USB Multicolor Microphone

SR-MV2000 USB Multicolor Microphone

The charm of fashion is retained alongside a sense of science and technology, which explains Saramonic SR-MV2000’s winning of iF DESIGN AWARD 2021. Organized by iF International Forum Design GmbH since 1953, the iF DESIGN AWARD has been well-known as one of the world’s most celebrated and valued design competitions, aiming to draw attention to particularly well-designed industrial products.

The iF DESIGN AWARD welcomed almost 10,000 submissions from 60 countries this year. Saramonic stood out amid numerous competitors to have won the ultimate award, which is a great approval of Saramonic’s design and product value. Devoting to promote audio sound quality, Saramonic continues creating products of outstanding design quality.