SHENZHEN, July 14, 2021,— Building on years of expertise in the audio industry, Saramonic, a professional sound equipment solution company, announced two new additions to its On-camera Microphone system. The two new products include Vmic5 and Vmic5 Pro, which broaden the on-camera microphone ecosystem to provide broadcast-quality audio and more choice at price.

Saramonic’s new on-camera microphone Vmic5 and Vmic5 Pro are super-cardioid on-camera condenser shotgun microphones. Their super-cardioid pickup pattern focuses on the sounds in front while still offering a high level of rear rejection, providing broadcast-quality audio to DSLR, Mirrorless, and Video Cameras. A specially designed shock mount system provides isolation from vibration and mechanical noise. What’s more, with headphone monitor output, Vmic5 and Vmic5 Pro allow you to hear your live input signal through the headphone without any distracting echo or latency.

The difference between Vmic5 and Vmic5 Pro is that Vmic5 Pro has more functions and can satisfy users’ diverse needs. Vmic5 Pro features three-level output level control (-10dB, 0dB, +20dB), two-stage high-pass filter (0/75/150Hz) and a high frequency boost (+5db) to increase intelligibility of dialogue. While Vmic5 only has a high-pass filter(flat/150Hz) and a output level control(0dB,+10dB). High-Pass Filter is designed to cut out the noise generated by air conditioning, traffic, and other undesirable low-frequency interference. Gain Control allows the user to change the sensitivity of the microphone, making it suitable for different environments.

What’s more, with the Automatic Power On/Off function, Vmic5 Pro is perfect for the run-and-gun shooter, automatically turning the microphone off when unplugged from the camera. In the meantime, all the settings will be saved even after turning off the power. Besides, Vmic5 Pro and Vmic5 have a capacity of 2000mAh built-in battery that allows being charged via USB-C (DC 5V/1A), providing over 120 hours of recording, helping users free of battery anxiety.

About Saramonic

Saramonic, a professional sound equipment solution company, focusing on producing microphones, audio adapters, portable recorders, and headphones, is devoted to helping everyone to get remarkable sound. No matter for professional content creating or daily recording, Saramonic always will be your best choice.