Lavalier microphones, also known as collar mics, neck mics, are electret condenser microphones.Lavalier microphone picks up sound and transmits it to equipment (computer, mobile phone, camera, etc.) via audio wire cables or wireless devices, and converts the analog signal into a digital signal for voice recording.Due to its compact size, high-sensitivity, easy-to-carry, stable transmission and other advantages, lavalier microphone gains great popularity among video content creators.There are about two types of lavalier microphones on the market: wired and wireless.

lavalier microphone

Wired lavalier microphones is usually plug-and-play lavalier microphone, which is mainly composed of lavalier mini microphone, audio adapter cable, button battery, and foam windscreen.These lavalier mics are simple and can meet daily use. Lavalier mics can be connected to mobile phones, computers, laptops, and other devices when they come with different audio cables. Wired lavalier mics can be used for non-professional needs such as broadcasting, online teaching or interviews.In use, wired lavalier mics have a restriction range due to the wired connection. It can only be used in small-scale movement or fixed scenes using. The sensitivity of the wired lavalier microphone is lower so it suits beginners who have less recording needs.

Nowadays, wireless lavalier microphones are the mainstream choice for most video bloggers. There are two categories of wireless microphones: UHF wireless lavalier microphones and 2.4GHz wireless system lavalier microphones.

lavalier microphone

UHF wireless system with lavalier microphone is the major wireless lavalier microphone today. It is mainly composed of transmitter (mic), receiver, lavalier microphone, audio adapter cable, battery, camera coldshoe, and foam windscreen.This type of transceiver mainly adopts UHF (470MHz-806MHz) wireless transmission technology, and the advantage is audio transmission stability. It is compatible with DSLRs, cameras, video cameras, computers and other recording equipment and is widely used in interviews, program recording, filmmaking and other industries.One receiver can support one for two or one for more (for example, to accommodate the needs of multi-person recording) on some high-end UHF wireless lavalier microphones that use true diversity reception technology.

The 2.4GHz wireless lavalier microphone system is the most popular wireless lavalier microphone in recent years. It uses 2.4G (in fact, 2.4GHz-2.485GHz) digital sampling frequency band signals to realize the wireless transmission of vocals.The 2.4GHz wireless lavalier microphone system is mainly composed of a lavalier microphone, a transmitter (TX), a receiver (RX), a lithium battery, and foam windscreen which is suitable for mobile phones and DSLR cameras for vlogging.Adopted international 2.4GHz wireless digital frequency band transmission technology, lavalier microphone has the advantages of stable signal, long receiving distance, strong anti-interference abilities, exquisite and compact appearance, as well as easy to use.Wireless lavalier microphones can utilize the transmitter (mic) to be worn on the collar for use, or the transmitter can be connected to an external microphone using a 3.5mm audio cable.